Chu Sau Cheung Nursing Home

Round-the-clock nursing service

Nurses are responsible for monitoring residents' health care needs. Clinical assessment and general nursing care e.g. administering medications and body checkup are conducted for the routine care.

Medical care

Visiting Medical Officers (from both general practitioner and Hospital Authority) pay regular visits to residents for medical consultation. Medical appointments at hospitals and clinics are arranged when necessary.

Personal care services

Menus are designed by nurses so as to ensure the provision of balanced diets. Care workers take care of residents' personal hygiene and assist the elders to perform daily activities like feeding, bathing and toileting.

Residential Respite Service for Elders

Residential respite service is a form of temporary or short-term residential care service for elders. Providing temporary relief for family members or relatives who are the main caregivers of elders requiring a certain degree of personal care whilst residing in the community.

Rehabilitation programme

Registered physiotherapist and occupational therapist would conduct assessment and tailor-made treatments for individual resident in order to maintain their physical functioning at a satisfactory level of state.Dementia care service provided by social workers and therapists.

Counselling service

Professional social worker is responsible for rendering counselling service to residents in emotional and personal problems.

Social and recreational activities

A variety of social and recreational activities are arranged to residents and day care users, e.g. volunteer groups, birthday party and festival celebrations, to enable them to lead an abundant life.

Therapeutic groups

Different kinds of therapeutic groups are designed to cater for the needs of residents.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Enhance pain management, volunteer and emotional support to terminal illness clients, so as to fulfill their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs, and avoid early hospitalization and unnecessary treatment.