Shamshuipo Nam Cheong Street Modular Social Housing

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Fax: 3525 1212
Address: No. 202-220 Nam Cheong Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon
Service District: All / Shamshuipo

1. Project Background

This Project, named as Jockey Club Incubating Community Participation through Modular Social Housing Pilot Programme, was initiated by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals was selected as service operator since December 2019.

2. Project Objective

“Sharing Economy” is the main concept of the project, it aims to develop a new living model which allows the households to share their equipment, skills and time. Through the process of sharing, the households can establish a strong neighbourhood network among the community.

3. Commencement Period

From August 2020 to August 2022 (Two years project)

4. Project Highlights

4.1 Library of Things:
Set up a sharing platform to promote the concept of "Library is Everywhere”, encourage residents to contribute a small corner of their home to place their shared items to their neighbours.

4.2 Library of Skills:
To recruit and explore the skills / knowledge of the residents, such as hair cutting, homework tutoring, cooking etc., so that the residents can share their skills with each other.

4.3 Library of Times:
To promote the concept of "Time Sharing", households can earn time coupon by contributing their abilities or expertise, and exchange time coupon for the services and daily necessities they need.

4.4 Saving Matching Scheme:
To encourage households to prepare for the future, we encourage households to participate in the Saving Matching Scheme, which based on a 1:1 matching principle, with a maximum of $200 per household per month. If the household save $4,800 for two years, the household will receive our matching grant of $4,800, as a contingency fund for completing the scheme, such as home moving and purchase of new home furniture.

5. Please download the Project relevant information as below :

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