Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour


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DHFP Funeral Service Packages

The service fee ranges from a few thousand to as much as a few hundred thousand dollars per case. While luxurious funeral arrangement is available to the well-offs, free funeral service is provided to the destitute. Users of our services can decide what they want to consume according to their budgets and personal/family's needs. Our staff would provide professional guidance to users without hard selling. No service charge and tips are required. All service fees would be clearly shown on our computer-printed invoices. Users pay the service fees at the cashier and would get an official receipt immediately. The consumers' rights are well protected.

How to Apply

Bereaved families should come to our funeral parlour in person. No staff would be deployed to tout business outside the funeral parlour. People should request to check out for Tung Wah's staff identity cards in case of doubt or call the hotline of the funeral parlour at 2326 0121 for verification.

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