TWGHs Litt Shing Kung


Service Description

Open bidding of all year round Coil Incense (塔香) and God Clothes (神袍) for worshippers is provided and the sale of sacrificial Items are also available.

A brand-new method for worshippers to worship the Symbol of the Year (太歲, Taisui) is provided in "旺歲亭".

Host Gods

Kwun Yam, "燃燈佛", Taisui


  • Kwun Yum Treasury Festival, [Lunar Calendar First Month, Day 25-26]
  • Birthday of Kwun Yum, [Lunar Calendar Second Month, Day 19; Sixth Month, Day 19; Ninth Month, Day 19; Eleventh Month, Day 19]
  • Birthday of "燃燈佛", [Lunar Calendar Second Month, Day 8 and Eighth Month, Day 22]