TWGHs Man Mo Temple

Service Description 東華三院文武廟

Open bidding of all year round Coil Incense (塔香) and God Clothes (神袍) for worshippers are provided. The sale of Man Cheong Pen (文昌筆) and Sacrificial Items are also available.

Host Gods

Civil God (Man Tai), Martial God (Kwan Tai), Pau Kung, The City God, etc.


  • Birthday of Civil God (Man Tai), [Lunar Calendar Second Month, Day 3]
  • Birthday of Martial God (Kwan Tai), [Lunar Calendar Sixth Month, Day 24]
  • Birthday of Pau Kung, [Lunar Calendar Sixth Month, Day 6]
  • Birthday of the City God, [Lunar Calendar Fifth Month, Day 11 and Seventh Month, Day 24]