Sunshine Kids Centre (Hong Kong) – On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services Team B

Tel: 2836 6101
Address: 8/F, Tung Sun Commercial Centre,
194-200 Lockhart Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Service Type: Youth and Family Services -
Special Education and Training Services
for Children and Youth
District: Wan Chai


In response to the 2015 Policy Address to expedite the provision of pre-school rehabilitation services for children with special needs, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals has established 2 service teams (each of capacity of 100) to provide on-site rehabilitation services for children who are attending our partner pre-schools, including all Tung Wah nursery schools and kindergartens. This two-year pilot service, supported by Lotteries Fund, has commenced in Jan 2016. Team A is now serving 16 schools while Team B is serving 18 schools.


  • To provide on-site early intervention for children aged 2-6 with special needs;
  • To enhance the learning and development of these children through supporting their carers and schools.


The intervention services will mainly be conducted on-site at nursery schools and kindergartens such that children learn in their most familiar environment. This facilitates the children to generalize their learning in their daily livings. However, on need basis, some of the training will be conducted at our 6 supporting centres, most of them are equipped with Multi-Sensory Room, Sensory Integration Room, Speech Therapy Room and other Interactive Activity Room and Parent Resources Area.

Service Recipients

Children studying in our partner pre-schools (including all Tung Wah nursery schools and kindergartens) and waitlisting for subvented preschool rehabilitation services, i.e. Early Education Training Centre, Integrated Programme or Special Child Care Centre. Subject to availability, the service may be extended to children who are waitlisting for assessment from Children Assessment Centre while attending our partner pre-schools, but the quota for this category will be limited to 10% of our capacity.

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