Integrated Centre on Smoking Cessation (Tuen Mun Service Centre)

Smoking Cessation Hotline

Hotline is answered by certified smoking cessation counselors, nurses, social workers and trained health promoters, who provide assessment of nicotine dependence, offer information about smoking cessation services and answer all enquiries about smoking cessation pharmacotherapy. Callers are encouraged to book our service through hotline.

Smoking Cessation Counselling Service

Our multi-disciplinary team, formed by medical officers, nurses and counselors, renders a comprehensive assessment including a medical check-up and nicotine dependency for every quitter. A tailor-made treatment plan based on the quitter’s medical history, smoking habit, nicotine dependency, psycho-social history and motivation of quitting will be formulated in cooperation.

Both pharmacotherapy and psychological counseling is included in our smoking cessation services. Quitter will undergo a treatment of 8 weeks (with at least 4 individual counselling sessions and medical consultations) in helping them to quit smoking and re-build healthy lifestyles. Quitters can be referred to clinical psychologist for psychological assessment and treatment if necessary.

Community Education Service

Smoke-free and smoking cessation talks, workshops as well as group counselling will be delivered proactively through liaison with schools, hospitals, local organizations and high smoking prevalence industries to cultivate smoke-free culture.

Professional Training

Professional training about smoking cessation counselling, addiction treatment and smoke-free community programmes will be provided for both health care and non-health care professionals such as medical officers, nurses, social workers, counselors and teachers.