TWGHs Man Mo Temple – 170 Years of Heritage

Book Title: TWGHs Man Mo Temple – 170 Years of Heritage
Author: Mr. Ko Tim-keung
Price: HK$120
Language: Bilingual
For 170 years since its establishment in 1847, Man Mo Temple has fulfilled an important social function in Hong Kong. In the early days of Hong Kong as a free trading port, Man Mo Temple played the important role of fulfilling society’s need for education, healthcare, free coffin and burial services, disaster relief and public safety. Nowadays, Man Mo Temple has become the declared monuments, which is one of the renowned temple and tourist spot in Hong Kong.

However, information about Man Mo Temple in its early years is scarce. To celebrate the 170th Anniversary of Man Mo Temple, TWGHs published “TWGHs Man Mo Temple – 170 Years of Heritage” (Include Catalogue for the Plaques and Couplets of TWGHs Man Mo Temple), having invited the famous Hong Kong historian Mr. Ko Tim-keung to write the book, aiming to enhance the public awareness towards the cultural heritage and the history of Man Mo Temple.