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TWGHs Medical Mask Production Cleanroom Launched into Production with 500,000 Monthly Output
K. Wah International Holdings Limited takes the lead with full support from TWGHs to donate 140,000 Medical Masks to Social Welfare Organisations

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (hereinafter referred to as “TWGHs”) has expedited the establishment of the “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom”, with the generous $3.7 million donation from K. Wah International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “KWIH”) through the “KWIH Anti-epidemic Fund”. Converted from part of the workbay in an integrated vocational rehabilitation centre, the mask production cleanroom was built to help stabilise the mask supply for social welfare sector in the long run, protecting the health of the disadvantaged groups. In view of the third wave outbreak of COVID-19, KWIH cooperated with TWGHs again to donate 140,000 pieces of medical masks to medical and social welfare organisations inflicted by the pandemic. Apart from supplying medical masks to different service units of TWGHs in late August, including hospitals, elderly and rehabilitation centres as well as schools, TWGHs also reserved some masks for other social welfare organisations to order at a reasonable price, aiming to relieve their pressure in purchasing masks. Details of the mask order information is available on the Jockey Club Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre website :

Subsequent to the sponsorship of establishing the “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom”, KWIH purchased a total of 140,000 pieces of ASTM I and ASTM III medical masks at below-cost prices offered by TWGHs.  All purchased masks were donated to 7 medical and social welfare organisations that were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, including TWGHs Fung Yiu King Hospital, TWGHs Jockey Club Sunshine Complex for the Elderly, Caritas, SAHK, Society for the Blind, Fu Hong Society, and Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council. The “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom” (donated by KWIH) has already been put into operation since July, and the masks produced have successfully authenticated ASTM I, II and III. The mask production line is now operated with monthly output at about 500,000 pieces. The production volume can be gradually ramped up to more than 1 million pieces of mask per month, with a maximum output of 2.2 million pieces. The Cleanroom also creates 20 on-the-job training positions for people with disabilities, facilitating them for employment in future and integration into society.

Ms. Ginny Man, the Chairman of TWGHs said: ‘I deeply appreciated Dr. LUI Che Woo, Chairman of KWIH, for his grave concern for the disadvantaged groups in the society during this difficult time. With his unfailing support, TWGHs actualised to set up the “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom” that would stabilise the mask supply in the long run. In addition, KWIH donated the masks to those organisations in need, relieving the plight of the medical and social welfare sector. His generosity has enlightened us to join hands to overcome the pandemic, truly a blessing to the people in Hong Kong.’

Dr. LUI Che Woo, Chairman of KWIH said: ‘ “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom” has been set up as part of KWIH’s solution to address the long-term demand for medical masks by the social welfare sector, as it has been essential to their daily operation even before the pandemic. KWIH understands that the recent third wave of outbreaks has had great impact on the services of various social welfare organisations.  KWIH has donated the masks with the hope of extending its assistance during this difficult period, and to take this opportunity to call on different social welfare organisations to help and support each other.’

Since its establishment in 1870, TWGHs has been all along upholding its mission “To heal the sick and to relieve the distressed; to care for the elderly and to rehabilitate the disabled; to promote education and to nurture the youngsters; and to raise the infant and to guide the youth.” Nowadays, TWGHs is the largest charitable organisation with the longest history in Hong Kong. For one and a half centuries, TWGHs has persistently pioneered and marked significant milestones in medical and health, education and community services, to fulfill the needs of the society and to provide the public with high quality services at low rates or for free. Today, TWGHs operates 343 services units, including 5 hospitals and 34 Chinese and Western medicine services units, 57 education services units, 225 community services units that cover elderly, youth and family, rehabilitation, social enterprises and social innovation services, 2 records and heritage service units, namely, Tung Wah Museum and TWGHs Maisy Ho Archives and Relics Centre that aim to protect and preserve local traditional culture, as well as 20 traditional service units, offering funeral and burial services, and temple and ritualistic services.

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Ms. Ginny Man (left), the Chairman of TWGHs, offered a box of mask which was the first batch of production, as souvenir to Dr. Lui Che Woo (right), the Chairman of KWIH, to thank him for his donation in setting up “Medical Mask Production Cleanroom” for TWGHs. 

The 2 production lines were officially put into full operation in July. The medical masks produced by TWGHs have obtained ASTM I, II and III accreditation. Maximum monthly output is expected to reach 2.2 million pieces.

Mr. Terry WONG (right), Project Director (Hong Kong Properties) of KWIH  gave masks to service users of Fu Hong Society Rehabilitation Centre.

KWIH volunteer team donated medical masks to various social welfare organisations, including TWGHs Fung Yiu King Hospital.

Representative of TWGHs and Mr. Terry WONG (left), Project Director (Hong Kong Properties) of KWIH helped prepare materials including the ASTM III medical masks to be donated to 7 medical and social welfare organisations.