Volunteering is described as the practice of people working on behalf of others or particular cause without payment for their time and services.

Volunteer services can be divided into direct or indirect services. Volunteers can serve the recipients directly. Alternatively, they can contribute to the society indirectly by helping an organization to develop its service

Opportunities of Volunteer Services included serving all age group, including disabled, children, youth, elderly and community-in-need.

If you want to serve as volunteer, you should consider :
1. What community members you want to serve?
2. Which service districts?
3. Call direct the concerned service units
4. To enquire their community needs

For detailed information of services units, you can go to this link.

Why should we form corporate volunteer team?

Demonstrate Good Corporate Citizenship

Contribute to a Caring Community

Care for the Vulnerables

Boost Employees's Morale

Cultivate Team Spirit

Steps for forming volunteer team:

Assess Community Needs

Staff Interests & Skills Survey

Identify Volunteer Opportunities

Plan a Project/ Programme

Adequate Orientation/ Training


Programme Evaluation

Follow Up

Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards