Annual Financial Report

Our 2017-18 Annual Financial Report of Lump Sum Grant(LSG) including the details of LSG reserve has been uploaded and available via the link below:

The cumulative balance of LSG reserve ended 31 March 2018 is $356,220,010 (including cumulative surplus of $135,073,222 as at 31 March 2007). LSG reserve will be used for honouring the contractual commitment of Snapshot Staff. Moreover, it will be used for enhancing the pay packages of our staff, implementing time-limited improvement measures and improving staff provision for services with manpower strain, to stabilize the staff team and to enhance service quality.

Annual Financial Report - Lump Sum Grant (2017-2018)

Annual Financial Report - Lump Sum Grant (2016-2017)

Review Report on Remuneration Packages for Staff in the Top Three Tiers of Subvented NGO (2017-18)