Tung Wah has been very active in developing rehabilitation services to promote and provide services for the development of the physical, mental and social capabilities of disabled persons as well as the realization of a physical and social environment conducive to meeting the goals of their full participation in social life.

A spectrum of services are offered through the 60 rehabilitation services centres, ranging from day training, vocational rehabilitation to residential care service. Parent work, counseling and guidance services to family members and community education programmes are also provided to enhance public acceptance and integration of the disabled into the community

Day Rehabilitation Services

  • Day Activity Centres
  • Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centres and Workshop
  • Community Support Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • Community Rehabilitation Services
  • Specialized Services

Residential Rehabilitation Services

  • Hostels for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons
  • Hostels for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons
  • Supported Hostel
  • Care and Attention Homes for Severely Disabled Persons
  • Care and Attention Homes for Aged Blind
  • Long Stay Care Home