Mission & Core Values


Enable the elders to lead a fulfilling life with dignity and happiness through a wide spectrum of quality services.

Core Values


We affirm the dignity and uniqueness of every individual service user. Each service user has his/her intrinsic values and potential. Their rights and needs should be respected.

Holistic Care

We are committed to meeting the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the service users in a safe and caring environment.


We continuously strive to respond to the changing needs of our service users as well as gaps in existing services and try innovative approaches to meet these needs effectively.

User participation

We encourage participation of the service users in service planning, delivery and evaluation and strive to meet their expectations.


We strive for competence, integrity and professionalism from our committed colleagues.


We evaluate our services objectively through conducting continuous assessment, study, research and clinical observations to ensure the achievement of service effectiveness and efficiency.


We are accountable for the well utilization of public resources entrusted to us and are open to public enquiry on our services.

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Community Support Services

“Healthy Ageing” and “Ageing in Place” are the main concerns of our community support services. We encourage elders to develop healthy and balanced life, make good use of their leisure time, and participate actively in different activities to develop their potentials to the fullest. Besides, to actualize the concept of “Ageing in Place”, we provide home care services, nursing and rehabilitation services to assist the needy elders and their families living in the community. With 41 different types of community support services centres, we strive to provide a wide spectrum of quality services to our elders.

  • District Elderly Community Centre Service and Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
  • Day Care Centre for the Elderly Service
  • Integrated Home Care Services
  • Enhanced Home and Community Care Services
  • Specialized Services

Residential Services

"Holistic Care" and "Continuum of Care" are the key focus of our residential care services. Through different types of residential care service which run by our 25 elderly homes and multi-disciplinary staff teams, we provide quality and comprehensive care and rehabilitation services to those elders in need to enable them to enjoy their old age.

  • Care and Attention Home Providing Continuum of Care Service
  • Conversion Homes Providing Continuum of Care
  • Residential Care Home for the Elderly Service
  • Infirmary Service
  • Emergency Placement in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly and Residential Respite Service for Elders


Service Pamphlet

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