Pao Siu Loong Care & Attention Home


In accordance with the rate set by Social Welfare Department.


191 places

How to Apply

Application can be made through the Family Services Centres of Social Welfare Department or relevant non-governmental organizations, medical social workers, District Elderly Community Centres, Neighbourhood Elderly Centres, or Integrated Home Care Services Centres.

Application forms are available at the Community Services Division of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals at 6/F, Wong Fung Ling Memorial Building, 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, H.K.; and all elderly service centres of Tung Wah.

Enquiry phone no.: 2859 7620

How to Terminate

  • For self-withdrawal, residents should give the Home at least one month's written notice.
  • In case there are changes in the resident's health condition, the Home will make referral to another appropriate service according to the needs of the resident. Once the referral is accepted, the resident should move to the new service to receive proper care.