Mok Wong Fung Yee Home for the Elderly

Tel: 2604 2293
Fax: 2608 0715
Address: 3/F, Sun Yee House, Sun Chui Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Service Hours: 24 hours in service
District: Shatin


Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mok Wong Fung Yee Home for the Elderly, formerly named as Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mok Wong Fung Yee Hostel for the Elderly, was established on 22 June 1987. The capital cost was mainly supported by the Lotteries Fund. In recognition of a generous donation of $400,000 from Mr. Christopher MOK Wah-chiu to the Community Services Development Fund of Tung Wah, the Board of Directors decided to name this Home after Mr. Mok's mother as "Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mok Wong Fung Yee Hostel for the Elderly". To meet the needs of the society, approval was given by the Social Welfare Department to convert all the self-care places to meal places and the Home was renamed "Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mok Wong Fung Yee Home for the Elderly" on 1 March 2000. In accordance with the Government's policy and the needs of the society, our Home was approved by the Social Welfare Department to commence care and attention home providing continuum of care service starting from 16 March 2006.


The Home is committed to providing quality service in accommodation, personal care and nursing care to elderly who have weak health and have limited self-care ability. Through the provision of professional services, diversified activities and adequate facilities under a homely environment, the residents are believed to receive holistic care by leading a meaningful and dignified living in the Home.


The Home located at a public housing estate, with established community facilities including market, park and shopping centres. The location is very convenient with a 10-minute-walk from the MTR station.

Each bedroom can accommodate 2 to 4 residents, with self-contained toilet and bathroom, and necessary furniture.

Other facilities
Common rooms (with television sets, exercise equipments, newspaper, magazines and telephones), Conference room/ Interview room (to organize groups, activities and counseling), Medical room (regular medical check-up and medical follow-up arranged by nurses on duty), Physiotherapy room, Special Care room, Multi-sensory room, Dinning room (pantry and washroom also inside the dinning room), Activities room (to organize gatherings such as the birthday parties, talks, variety shows and performance, etc), and Laundry room (equipped with the washing machines, hydro-extractor, and drying machine)

Service Recipients

Elders aged 65 or above who lacks self-care ability due to poor health or illness, free from contagious disease and mentally suitable for communal living.

Those aged between 60-64 with proven needs can also apply.