Fong Shu Chuen Integrated Home Care Services Centre


In accordance with the rate set by Social Welfare Department and financial status of service users.


Ordinary case: all are welcome (according to service arrangement)
Frail case: 60 places

How to Apply

Ordinary Case Service

  • Application may be made directly to our service centre or through referrals from social service agencies.
  • All applications have to be assessed by social workers.

Frail Case Service

  • Application can be made through Integrated Family Services Centres, Medical Social Service Units, District Elderly Community Centre, Neighborhood Elderly Centres and Social Centres for the Elderly.
  • Applications should be assessed to be suitable for service through the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services.

How to Terminate

  • Either the centre or service user can request for termination of service. Service user can withdraw from the service by giving 7-day notice in advance and settling unpaid service payment immediately.
  • Service user leaving service over 30 days would be treated as leaving service automatically.
  • Social worker would review service needs regularly and adjust or terminate service according to the condition of service user. Social worker would also refer other suitable services to user when he or she is in need.
  • If the service user has violated the regulations of our service, our service has the right to terminate the service of the service user.