Lim Por Yen Integrated Home Care Services Centre

Tel: 2648 2728
Fax: 2648 8670
Address: No. 133-136, G/F., Block C, Herring Gull House, Sha Kok Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Service Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Close on Sunday and Public Holidays (Special arrangement can be made if needed)
District: Shatin


In April 2003, the home help service teams in Shatin district were re-engineered into the existing Integrated Home Care Service Team. The service aims at providing care to frail elderly, disabled person, individuals and families with social needs in the district, so as to sustain their living in the community. Integrated Home Care Service Team provides comprehensive care according to individual needs of different service users, so as to achieve the mission of "ageing in the community" and "continuum of care".


Integrated Home Care Service Team aims at assisting frail elders, disabled people and families with social needs to:

  • Sustain their living in the community,
  • Achieve and maintain suitable physical functioning and independent living ability,
  • Acquire adequate skills to adjust to change of health condition,
  • Avoid early or inappropriate admission to residential care service.

Service Description

To meet the varied needs of service users, Integrated Home Care Services provide services to the following two categories of cases:

Frail case

  • Frail elders: Elders assessed to be suffering from moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services, and in need of a comprehensive package of services.
  • People with disabilities: Persons assessed to be severely physically handicapped and in need of a comprehensive package of services.

Ordinary case:

  • Those service users, including frail elders, disabled people and families with social needs, who suffer fro no to mild level of impairment or disability, or those with moderate to severe level of impairment but require only personal care, simple nursing care and/or other support services.

Service Recipients

  • Elders aged 60 or above who lacks self-care ability and is living our service boundary
  • Disabled people including those with mental handicap, physical handicap or mental illness.
  • Individuals or families with social needs