Jockey Club Tsin Ngai Day Activity Centre

Scope of service

Training on daily living skills

Guided by the principles of functional utility, age appropriateness and community integration, individualized programme plans are developed for every trainee on the following areas:

  • Personal Management : the training of basic daily living skills
  • Work: vocational programmes such as packaging and self-employed remunerative activities in making handicrafts, planting herb.
  • Leisure: hobbies and recreational activities

Special Service Features:

  • Environmental Protection: develop organic and water plantation, fish tank with concept of aquaponics,/li>
  • Programs for ageing and needy service users: develop physical fitness program, aerobic exercise and equip with suitable equipments for slowing down the deterioration process
  • Develop trainees' autonomy: enhance their decision making in choice of meals and expression of views in dormitories meeting
  • Develop volunteers work for social inclusion : networking external volunteers groups to have joint activities, trainees can also actively participate in volunteer activities such as selling flags, charity sales etc.

Family work

The Centre works closely with the families to establish and maintain relationship between trainees and families. Family programmes and activities such as group meetings, forums, individualized programme plan meetings, social gatherings are regularly organized. Home leaves and family visits are encouraged to strengthen family networks.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy service

Assessment and treatment by physiotherapists and occupational therapists are offered on a referral basis for the trainees to improve their motor functions and independent living skills.

Residential and meal service

The Centre provides accommodation with nutritious and wholesome meals.

Counseling service

Counseling is offered with respect to the social and emotional needs of the trainees.

Social and recreational programmes

A variety of social and recreational activities such as outings, visits, parties, interest groups and community events are organized to encourage participants to spend leisure time meaningfully while enriching life experience.