Jockey Club Tsin Shing Day Activity Centre

Service Description

Training on daily living skills

Guided by the principles of functional utility, age appropriateness and community integration, individualized program plans are developed for every trainee on the following areas:

  • Personal Management : basic daily living skills training
  • Work: provide cleansing and desserts delivery services, and making handicrafts such as beaded crystal tree, stone pile drawing, mosaics works and jewelry products. Handicrafts products will be sold in community so that trainees can earn some wages.
  • Leisure: sports, gardening, arts and recreational activities etc.

Special Service Features

Training for people with Autism

  • Make use of "Visual Strategies" such as visual schedule with appropriate pictures, can provide specific hints for people with Autism to grasp their daily routine.
  • Apply "Communication Book" which can strengthen their communication skills by using picture cards to express themselves.
  • Through "Social Story" training, which describe social context and appropriate reaction, can teach people with autism suitable social etiquette, as well as to improve communication skills and enhance adaptability. These can assist them to build up behaviors with social identity, and helps to integrate into the society.
Arts and Sports Training
  • Provide different types of sports and art groups training according to trainees’ interest, such as running, drawing, music, dance and movement, drama and pottery etc. At the same time, we facilitate trainees to participate performance and different types of local competition such as Standard Chartered Marathon and talent competition so as to develop their potentials, to enhance their self-confidence as well as to integrate into the society.
Family work

The Centre works closely with the families to establish and maintain relationship between trainees and families. Family programmes and activities such as group meetings, health talks and outings are regularly organized. Home leaves and family visits are encouraged to strengthen family networks.

Health care service

Daily health care, regular body checks, medical follow-up, drug administration, visiting medical service, etc., are provided.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy service

Assessment and treatment by physiotherapists and occupational therapists are offered on a referral basis for the trainees to improve their motor functions and independent living skills.

Residential and Meal Service

The Centre provides accommodation with nutritious and wholesome meals.

Counseling service

Counseling is offered with respect to the social and emotional needs of the trainees.

Recreational activities

A variety of social and recreational activities, such as outings, visits, parties, interest groups and community events are organized to encourage participants to spend leisure time meaningfully while enriching life experience.