Jockey Club Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre


(including 25 service users of the Work Extension Programme)

How to Apply

All applications are referred from the Social Welfare Department Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services (CRSRehab). Applicants may contact the Social Welfare Department Family Services Centre, the Medical Social Work Units, special schools or other social welfare organizations for service application.

Referrers or applicants can also approach the service units for direct application.

Ex-service users who are falling back from the open employment market within 5 years after discharge can directly apply our service.

How to Terminate

  • Service users can self-withdraw from our service due to personal reasons
  • The centre will terminate the service for those service users whom have sustained a job in the open market for 6 months, or the service can no longer meet their needs.
  • Our social worker would discuss with the service user, his/her family members and referrer/caseworker for the arrangement of appropriate services