i-dArt – Kitty Woo Gallery

Tel: 3598 2920
Address: Back Shop, G/F, Wing Cheung Mansion,
78 Morrison Hill road, Wan Chai, HK
Service Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 11:30am - 7:00pm
(Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)
Email: i-dart@tungwah.org.hk
Service Type: Southern
Website: http://i-dart.tungwahcsd.org
Facebook: 愛不同藝術 i-dArt


Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are the inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intelligence or physical ability. Holding such beliefs, in 2010, the Rehabilitation Service Section of TWGHs set up the community inclusive gallery 'i-dArt' to connect people with different abilities through arts, to explore and develop more possibilities and creative spaces in the community, so as to increase the interactions between various social groups and art media lovers in the community.

In 2017, we established the second art space, "Kitty WOO Gallery", being named after the wife of Mr. WOO Sam-kang, our donor who supported the establishment of this gallery. This gallery will organize different exhibition projects with various experimental workshops and art activities to provide a platform for people with different abilities in the community to interact and exchange through arts.


  • To encourage people with different abilities to learn, enjoy and appreciate art;
  • To allow people with different abilities to demonstrate their art potential;
  • To use art as a media to connect people with different abilities in the community, so as to enhance their better mutual understanding and acceptance, and to foster an inclusive community.

Service Recipients

  • We endeavor to offer different kinds of art activities to meet the different needs of people with different abilities and of different communities through different themes and designs of the exhibition projects.
idart- Kitty Woo Gallery