Mr and Mrs Au Wai Lam Memorial Day Care Centre for the Elderly


In accordance with the rate set by Social Welfare Department



How to Apply

Applicants need to undergo Standardized Care Need Assessment by the Social Welfare Department.  Applicants may approach the following referring offices for raising the request:

  • Family Services Centres (FSCs)/Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs)
  • Medical Social Services Units (MSSUs)
  • District Elderly Community Centres (DECCs)
  • Neighbourhood Elderly Centres (NECs)/Social Centres for the Elderly (S/Es)
  • Others service units e.g. Family and Child Protective Service Units, Counseling Units, etc.

Applicants of day respite service can approach our centre directly for enquiry and application

How to Terminate

One month prior notice is required for service withdrawal