Chau Lin Day Care Centre for the Elderly

Nursing Care Service

Professional nursing care, such as medication administration, injection, wound dressing, health assessment, health counseling and health talk are provided.  To ensure holistic care is given, individual care plan is conducted within one month upon new clients' admission and subject to review at least once a year to meet their changing needs.

Day respite service and extended hour service

In order to support carers to continue to take up their duties, short-term or temporary day care are provided and service hours to frail elders are extended so that carers can rest in times of need. 

Counselling and referral

Social workers to provide assistance and referral services catering to the psychological and emotional needs of members and carers.  Talks for carers are also organized.

Social and recreational activity

Diversified social and recreational activities are designed for members and family members, including interest groups, outing activities, volunteer service and integrated programmes of social service building to promote their relationship and connection with community.

Personal care services

Trained personal care workers will assist members to attend to their personal care activities, such as feeding, toileting, bathing, nail-cutting and escorting.

Rehabilitation services

Our physiotherapist conducts assessment and designs individual rehabilitation training programmes for members of various needs.

Meal service

Menus are carefully designed by nurses to ensure balanced diet is provided to our members through breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.  Take-home dinner and special diet are prepared according to individual needs.