Tai Tung Pui Day Care Centre for the Elderly

2450 8207
Fax: 2441 5382
Address: G/F., Tai Tung Pui Social Service Building, 32 Tsing Sin Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Service Hours: Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
(Close on Sunday and Public Holidays)
Email: ttpdcce@tungwah.org.hk
District: Tuen Mun


Tai Tung Pui Day Care Centre for the Elderly, the first established day care centre for the elderly of Tung Wah, is situated on the ground floor of the Tai Tung Pui Social Service Building and first started its service in April 1991. Apart from Lotteries Fund support, Tung Wah was very fortunate to have a generous donation from Madam Tai Lung Wing-yuen in support of meeting the capital cost of the building. As a gesture of the group’s cordial gratitude, our Centre was named after Madam Tai’s late husband Mr. Tai Tung-pui to manifest has virtue.


The objective of our Centre is to make possible to those frail or physically disabled elderly to continue living with dignity in the community, and to enjoy healthy life through our services of providing personal care, nursing care, rehabilitative training, and various social and recreational activities.


The provision of an air-conditioned cozy premises consisting of dining room; sitting room; guest room; exercise room; resource library and bathroom has always been our commitment of serving the community. Extra fittings, such as hand-railings are installed specifically for the convenience of those frail and impaired elderly. Our Centre is also well-equipped to offer comprehensive professional nursing care and rehabilitation to suit our clients’ needs.

Service Recipients

  • Aged 60 or above, a Hong Kong resident who is living in the district and is not receiving institutional care for the elderly
  • The service user has been classified to have moderate or severe impairment level or above through the application of Minimum Data Set – Home Care (MDS-HC) implemented under the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services and matched with the service in accordance with the Service Matching of MSD-HC.
  • In general weak health or suffering from functional disabilities to the extend that he/she needs help in daily living activities but he/she is able to move around with a walking aid or in wheelchair
  • In need of general personal care and/or limited nursing care
  • Not suffering from infectious disease or acute medical problems
  • Suitable for communal living, e.g. without aggressive or violent behaviour
  • Lack of related person to take care of him/her during daytime
TTPDCCE 戴東培長者日間護理中心

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