Wilson T.S. Wang District Elderly Community Centre

Volunteer Development

To mobilize and train up senior volunteers to serve the community; to build up their mutual support in order to develop the potential and self-esteem of the volunteers; and to promote volunteerism among senior citizens to enhance the spirit of "Productive Ageing".

Community Education

To promote understanding, acceptance, respect, and concern to the elders through various community education programmes. On the other hand, the elders are helped to adjust to the ageing process smoothly and to continue to lead a constructive, meaningful and happy life in their community.

Support Team for the Elderly

To outreach the vulnerable and unmotivated elders in the community and mobilize general public to provide volunteer services to the needy elderly; and to develop a support network for them.

Outreaching and Support Services to Hidden and Vulnerable Elders

To identify unmotivated and vulnerable elders through outreaching programmes, so as to encourage and assist them to develop their social life. Referral and supporting services are also provided to those in need.

Carer Support Services

To provide one-stop services for carers, including consultation service, home care skills training workshop, resources corner, lending of rehabilitation tools, programmes on pressure release and mutual support groups.

Nutrition and Special Diet

Supportive services on daily living such as breakfasts, lunches, suppers, laundry service and bathing facilities are provided.

Counseling Service

Professional social workers are responsible for rendering counselling service to elders with emotional and personal problems.

Therapeutic Groups

Different kinds of therapeutic groups are designed to cater for the needs of elders.

Counseling and Referral Services

Referral service is provided by social workers according to residents' needs.

Social and Recreational Activities

A peaceful and comfortable environment is provided at the Centre for elders to drop-in. All kinds of social and recreational activities, such as visits, birthday parties, picnics, festival celebrations, are scheduled periodically so as to enrich the social contact of elders and to help them to maintain harmonious inter-personal relationship.