Lim Por Yen Integrated Home Care Services Centre

The services provide to Ordinary Case included:

  • Personal care
  • Simple nursing care
  • General household or domestic assessment
  • Escort service
  • Elder/ Child-minding
  • Home respite service
  • Environmental risk and health assessment
  • Purchase and delivery of daily necessities
  • Provision of meals and laundry service
  • General physical exercises
  • Other service, e.g. carer support service, etc.

The services provided to frail cases include:

  • Care management and assessment
  • Basic Nursing Care: e.g. clinical observation and monitor of vital signs testing including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and body weight; urine testing, supervision on medications etc.;
  • Special Nursing Care: e.g. incontinence care, respiratory care, diabetic care etc.;
  • Personal care: e.g. transfer, food-feeding, bathing, hair washing, hair cutting, etc.;
  • Dementia care e.g. reality orientation, sensory training, reminiscence programme and memory or cognitive training, etc.;
  • Speech Therapy;
  • Restorative and maintenance rehabilitation exercises, any other therapeutic exercises or activities, environmental risk assessment and home modifications, speech therapy etc.;
  • Centre-based day care services, respite services, elder sitting;
  • Support Services;
  • Carer support services, including support for needy carers e.g. on-site carer training, carer support programmes;
  • 24-hour emergency support;
  • Environment risk assessment and home modifications;
  • Home-making services e.g. household cleaning, changing of bed sheets and pillowcases, purchase of necessities, laundry, and meal preparation, etc.;
  • provision of meals; and
  • transportation and escort services.