Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre


A monthly hostel fee is charged as set by SWD & a miscellaneous fee charge will be collected as necessary.


62 day places

How to Apply

Applications can be made through Family Services Centres, special schools, medical social service department, social services organizations or other rehabilitation organizations.

All referrals are channelled through the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.

How to Terminate

With respect to the need of the clients, either the trainee himself/herself, his/her family/guardian or the Centre can arrange for the termination of service after going through a process of communication, involving prudent consideration among the parties concerned.

Extended Care Programme

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) has kindly approved our Centre to carry out the "Extended Care Programme (ECP)". This project aims at providing a continuum of care to 22 of our existing trainees of Day Activity Centre (DAC) aged 50 or above, who could no longer benefit from prolonged or intensive training due to aging or deterioration in health condition (named ECP participants below).

Services provided to the ECP participants are mentioned as follows:

  • Rehabilitation training and/or physical exercises for sustaining their health and meeting their physical needs;
  • Simple self-help skills training for sustaining their self-care ability;
  • Social and recreational activities for enriching their social life; and
  • Developmental programmes for facilitating their development of wholesome habits.

Day Training Centre

We offer 12 single DAC cases which referred by SWD. Meal and transport service respectively will be collected on a monthly basis.