Jockey Club Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

Tel: 2870 9303
Fax: 2554 1748
Address: Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, G/F, Block B, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Service Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
District: Southern


The Jockey Club Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre was revamped in April 2004 from its former sheltered workshop which had been in operation since November 1997.


  • To provide diversified vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities and prepare them for potential advancement to open employment.
  • Through allowance-generating work skills training and production work, persons with disabilities can gain job satisfaction and develop self-confidence and independence.
  • To help persons with disabilities to get employment in the open market and enhance their community integration through job referral and subsequent follow-through support.


The centre has a spacious working environment. Apart from general work production equipment, a four-color printing machine and an advanced stapling machine are installed for the development of full-range printing service. The centre has a cargo loading bay to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo goods. The centre is also equipped with different kinds of cleansing tools such as floor polisher and floor grinder to provide comprehensive and professional cleansing service. Besides, the centre is fully air-conditioned to provide a comfortable working environment for the service users. The service users can also enjoy the use of communal facilities including the multi-purpose hall, hydro pool, central library, car pool, tuckshop and tea-booth of the Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex.

Service Recipients

  • People aged 15 or above with mild to moderate grade of intellectual disability or other disabilities
  • Physically healthy and free from infectious disease
  • Stable mental state, free from serious destructive or harassing behavior with appropriate work incentive, ability and possessing basic self-care ability
JCNCIVRC 賽馬會藝進綜合職業復康中心

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