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Fortune Loft。Co Living


In response to the housing needs of young people through sharing of social capital, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals introduced “Fortune Loft Co-Living” to provide an affordable living place and platform at a renovated tenement building located at the junction of Fuk Tsun Street and Lime Street.

How does it work – Co-living Model

Rooms shared with 2-3 tenants

Shared public area - including kitchen, washroom, living room, rooftop etc.

Co-responsible for housekeeping, sharing of skills and supporting each other


1. “Co-living Model”, provides an alternative living option to young people 

2. Apart from providing affordable living place, we also encourage them to share and support each other.

3. To encourage young people to save and thus become a habit, we have also introduced a saving scheme so that they can prepare for the future.

4. To encourage young people to participate in the “Good Neighbour Scheme” to conduct neighborhood visits and cultural activities; to build a sense of belonging of neighborhood to the living community.

Target: Youths aged 18-30-year-old in need of housing

The following criteria need to be fulfilled before applying

Hong Kong Permanent Resident between 18-30 years old

Monthly income below HKD21,000, personal assets valued below HKD364,000, and does not own or partly own any property.

Acknowledges and agrees to the “Co-living” model and willing to share skills and information, support each other, also participate in the good neighbor scheme and the saving scheme.

Project Highlights 

Saving Scheme

To encourage the saving habit, we encourage our tenants to set up a monthly saving plan and financially match it with an agreed proportion.

The proportion would be 3:1. For example, if the participant is able to save HKD300, we will match HKD100. The maximum amount we will match up to HKD1,200 per month, which will be released at the end of the scheme.

Eligible tenants are required to deposit the amount to a designated account and submit the monthly bank statement for our record. The tenants will not get any matching grant if for any reason the amount has not been saved to the account.

Tenants are required to notify our staff in case of emergency that the saving needs to be withdrawn, such as unemployment, medical needs or etc.

Good Neighbor Scheme

To encourage our tenants to contribute to the neighborhood so as to increase the sense of belonging, everyone is required to participate in the ‘Good Neighbor Scheme’ (minimum 30 services hours per year).

It includes visiting the elderly in our neighborhood, assisting maintenance, organizing neighbor gathering activities, cultural activities and promoting the co-living idea.

Assessment Mechanism

 40% for whether applicants can co-live with others

Agree on the “Co-living” model

Ability to Self-managed and self-disciplined

Ability to Emotional control

Ability to Social skills

20% for how much needs for housing of the applicants 

The urgency to move out

The relation with family/housemate

Support network by friends and family

20% for the level of support and contribution applicants can participate

Agree on the good neighbor scheme

Agree to participate in it for at least 30 services hours per year

Provide feasible plans for neighbor support

20% for the personal goal setting of the applicants

Ability of financial management

Practicability and feasibility of personal goals

Application and Enquiry

Tel : 2142 0233
Fax : 2803 2702
Address: 4/F & 5/F, No. 56 Fuk Tsun Street and No. 1 Lime Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon
Facebook : 福全共寓青年共居空間

Application Form : Download Here
Appendix ( if any ) : Download Here
Guidance Note : Download Here