Mobile Smoking Cessation Clinic

Assessment and Pharmacotherapy

Our Mobile Clinic provides the smokers a convenient and accessible way to start their quitting journey. The mobile clinic stations at highly-populated areas and districts. The services render includes body-check, nicotine dependence assessment, counseling (approximately 15 to 20 minutes) and nicotine replacement therapy to eligible applicants.

Mail To Quit & Counselling

The Mobile Clinic provides smoking cessation treatment including both medication and counseling. Smoking cessation treatment generally lasts for two months, following up through telephone counseling and mailing of drug to help smokers quit smoking and re-build a healthy life.

Medical Consultation & Referral Service

For smokers with further health condition and needs, Staff of Mobile Clinic would refer smokers with pre-exist health conditions and special needs to the existing smoking cessation clinics for further medical diagnosis and counselling or other community resources if indicated.

Community Education on Smoking Cessation

The Mobile Clinic would collaborate with corporations and community organizations to deliver smoking cessation education health talks and health promotion events. Organizations or corporations are welcome to contact us for further information.