Women's Welfare Club Western District, Hong Kong Residential Care Home for the Elderly

Scope of Services

  • Dementia care service
  • Elder College for lifelong learning
  • Individual Care Plan
  • Respite Care
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Residents meetings to collect residents' and their relatives' advice
  • Regular activities are organized to keep close relationship between residents and their relatives

WWCRCH 香港西區婦女福利會護養安老院Medical and nursing services

Our nurses provide professional care to the residents. Regular health checking, daily personal and nursing care, health talks and individual care assessment are also arranged.

Medical Officers pay regular visits to residents for medical consultation.

Personal care services

Care workers take care of residents' personal hygiene and assist the elders to perform daily activities like feeding, bathing and toileting.

Team of professionals (social workers, doctor, nurses, physiotherapist and occupational therapist) providing all-round rehabilitative services

WWCRCH 香港西區婦女福利會護養安老院

Rehabilitation programme

Registered physiotherapist and occuptional therapist conduct assessment and tailor-made treatments for individual resident in order to maintain their physical functioning at a satisfactory level of state.

Dementia care service provided by social workers and therapists

Nutrition and special diet

Our Home provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snack daily. Menus are designed by nurses so as to ensure the provision of balanced diets.  

WWCRCH 香港西區婦女福利會護養安老院

Counselling service

Professional social worker is responsible for rendering counselling service to residents in emotional and personal problems.

Therapeutic groups

Different kinds of therapeutic groups are designed to cater for the needs of residents.

Counselling and referral services

Referred service is provided by social workers according to residents' needs.

WWCRCH 香港西區婦女福利會護養安老院

Social and recreational activities

Variety kinds of social and recreational activities are arranged to residents, e.g. volunteer groups, birthday party, outings and festival celebrations, to enable them to lead an abundant life.