Hua Fen Day Care Centre for the Elders

Tel: 2481 1566
Fax: 2512 2138
Address: 1/F, Kiangsu and Chekiang Building, 16 North Point Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Service Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm
District: Eastern District


The Centre, which is located in North Point, is the first self-financing day care centre of the T.W.G.Hs. The Centre has started services since February 2013, aims at providing nursing and personal care services to the frail elders; and support services to the carers.With the generous donation from Dr. Ti Hua KOO and Ms. Dorothy VEE KOO, the center has named after Hua Fen Day Care Center for the Elders since March 2021.


  • To provide comprehensive nursing and  rehabilitation services to frail elders, in order to improve their health condition, mobility and self-care ability
  • To enable frail elders to remain living and staying in touch with the community and their family as long as possible
  • To provide carer support services to enhance their caregiving skills and to release their caring burden


The centre is air-conditioned and equipped with independent restrooms and bathrooms. Other facilities include training area, dining room, nursing room, physiotherapy threatment area and pantry.

Service Receipients

  • Aged 55 or above;
  • in general weak health or suffering from functional disabilities and in need of general personal care and/ or limited nursing care;.
  • lack of related person to take care of him/ her during daytime;
  • not suffering from infectious disease or acute medical problems;
  • suitable for communal living, e.g. without aggressive or violent behaviour.

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