Jockey Club Ngai Ching Hostel


Hostel: In accordance with the rate set by Social Welfare Department and other charges will be collected on need basis.
Residential respite service: $75/day


Hostel: Provide accommodation for 51 residents, with 36 male residents and 15 female residents.
Residential respite service: 1 resident

How to Apply

Hostel: All applications are referred from the Social Welfare Department Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services (CRSRehab). Applicants may contact the Social Welfare Department Family Services Centre, the Medical Social Work Units, special schools or other social welfare organizations for service application.
Residential respite service: Applicant can apply in person or through social worker, with the provision of the Chest X-ray report conducted within 6 months.

How to Terminate

Hostel: Residents, their families and the hostel can terminate the service when the service can no longer meet the needs of the residents.
Residential respite service:
  • Applicant can withdraw the service at any time, but the fee will not be refunded.
  • If applicant cannot adjust to the hostel setting, or if the applicant displays uncontrolled violent behaviour, the centre can terminate the service and pro-rata fee will be refunded.