Smiling HeART

Tel: 5565 1223 / 3460 6089
Fax: 2518 8145
Address: No 3, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Concourse
Service Hours: Business Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm, closed on Sunday

Shop Service Hours:
12:00pm-8:00pm, closed on Monday
District: Yau Tsim Mong


"Smiling HeART” is a social enterprise selling handcrafts that made by people in recovery from mental illness, especially the women with depression. It aims to promote social inclusion, and to raise public awareness on mental health.

“Smiling HeART” originates from a story of a group of women with emotional distress. They determine to get out of emotional illness and regain confidence through handcrafts creation. This group of ordinary housewives was suffered from depression due to various pressures. Every day, they need to face tremendous emotional distress and deal with endless social discrimination. Surprisingly, handcrafts creation has created a comfort zone for them. During the process of stitching, they not only find their inner peace, but also rebuild their self-confidence.

The products resemble the “HeART” of this group of women. Each handwork represents their determination and courage while facing adversity. It also includes their blessings and encouragement.

Our Mission

  • Provide job training and work opportunities to people in recovery from mental illness
  • Empower and increase the self-esteem of people in recovery from mental illness through job training and work opportunities
  • De-stigmatize mental illness and to promote social integration through public education

Our Service – Art Workshops

“Smiling HeART” also provides staff trainings, mental health talks and relaxation workshops for enterprises, schools and institutions. Workshop includes education on mental health related knowledge conducted by mental health professionals, story-telling by people in recovery from mental illness and handcrafts workshop from instructor. It is believed that the participants could relieve stress through the process of art creation and to increase their mental health literacy.

Our Craft

Cards, Wooden crafts, Soft Clay Deco, Fabrics crafts, Ceramics, Crochet Craftsm, Horticultural product


  • "SE Tree Mark" of the Home Affair Department
  • Social Enterprise Endorsement Mark (SEE Mark) of Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited


Awarded as ‘Outstanding Project Award’ in the “Award Scheme in Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment” organized by Women’s Commission and Labour and Welfare Bureau

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