Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Services Centre (Fong Yun Wah Service Unit)

Children and Family Services

After-school care services
Partly subsidized by the Social Welfare Department, the service is organized and managed by registered social workers. Our aims are: 1). To provide proper child care assistance to families of working parents, so as to minimize the risk of leaving children unattended at home; 2) to enhance the well-being and to enrich the growth of our children through experiential learning activities. We provide homework guidance, tutoring classes (with lunch-box arranged), parent's groups, festival celebration activities and family programmes. Meanwhile, occasional child care service and extended hours service are provided to the families in need. Financial assistance will be granted to the low income families with proven documents.

Community-based After-school Learning and Support Programme: Rainbow Life Project
To enhance the well-being and widen the horizon of our children through various developmental activities, extra-curricular activities are organized, e.g., visits to museums, environmental protection educational groups, ball games and shooting programmes.

Sunrise Project
With the funding support from Tung Wah, the project provides subsidy to families in need of financial assistance. Apart from after-school child care services, programmes for parents are organized to enhance their parenting skills e.g. parent-child activities, parents' talks and regular gathering for the parents.

Family Supporting Service
The Community Care and Mutual Support Networks provides a series of programmes, e.g., volunteers training & programmes, mutual-help groups for parents, interest classes, to rebuild the confidence of single parents through volunteers work and to equip them with vocation skills through training classes, e.g. beauty class and computer skills training class. We also render counseling service and make appropriate referral when necessary.

Primary Schools Network and Supporting Services
Jointly collaborating with Apleichau Kai Fong Primary School and Aberdeen St. Peter Primary School from 2005 onwards, the "Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)" aims at helping students acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes when facing adversities. Through small groups, adventure-based programmes and parent-child activities organized to the primary 4 to 6 students, we hope to enhance their sense of competence, belongingness and optimism. 

School Social Work Service
We provide school social work service to Aberdeen Baptist Lui Ming Choi College and Aberdeen Technical School, which includes student counseling service, developmental groups, volunteer groups, IPSC shooting groups etc. The PATHS project has also been introduced to the schools.

Out-reaching Services
Through case and group work, we proactively approach the teenagers in football and basketball fields, shopping malls and parks to provide them with appropriate services. Our out-reach service covers the whole Lei Tung Estate, Yue On Court and Ap Lei Chau Main Street.

Esteem Shooting
Commenced in 2000, the Esteem Shooting Training aims at enchancing the self esteem and development of adolescents. Based on the popular sports - "International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)", together with the integration of the theories - Self Esteem Enhancement, Experiential Learning, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Sport Psychology, as well as the intervention and professional debriefing skills by social workers, the training enables the adolescents to gain appropriate attitude in life.

In order to measure the achievement of the trainings, we have cooperated with the Hong Kong Baptist University to carry out a qualitative research in 2003 to 2004. Findings showed that there were frontage influence in the sense of responsibility, the dedicated strength, endurance, autonomy, and the willpower to the participants to be observed; besides, it is also a good exercise to enhance the parent-child communications and relationship.

Multi-Art Training
We believe that art comes from life. We therefore have tried to integrate multi-art in social work in the recent years. Through media art workshops such as song composing, music, dancing, drama, arts of design, drawing, video and photography and so on, we provide platforms for our target groups to explore the meaning of life. Emphasizing sharing and self-reflecting, we encourage them to express their emotions and values leading to a positive attitude towards life.

Volunteer service is provided in our centre and is well recognized by the community. Every year, over hundreds of people participate and provide different services in the community. We hope to enhance their caring and serving attitude to the community through volunteer services.

As to celebrate our 20th aniversary,  a volunteer award scheme named "V.come" was organized to promote the voluntary spirit in the community.

"I + O (Inner and Outer Self) Styling Studio" Project
This project is funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of Labour and Welfare Bureau and organized by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Services Centre, which lasts from 1 July 2007 to 30 September 2009, aims at promoting the value of "Inner and Outer Beauty".

Our main target group is the youth and women with low academic level, low motivation, low skills level and low market competitive capability in the Southern District. Through the professional training on make up and photography, it builds up professional manpower with quality in the community, so as to bring about building of positive relationship among families. Besides, the culture of appreciation is promoted in the community through tailor-made studio services,  workshops and groups provided by our participants.

On the other hand, the project emphasizes the promotion of cross-sector professional collaborations. Through community networking, it aims to build up social capital and develop mutual benefits by joint effort in developing our studio service. 

Supporting Services

  • Individual counseling/ Consultation
  • Youth employment and supporting service
  • Escort Service (Employment and supporting service for women)
  • Microsoft Unlimited Potential Project
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Island Scout Unit 236