Jockey Club Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services Centre (Tin Ka Ping Service Unit)

Services for Children and Parents

Life-wide Learning for Primary School

Stationing school social work services, seminars, group activities and parental workshops are organized to students. Counseling, family supporting services, self-esteem enhancement courses, parental-chidren reading plan and other activities relating to the growth of children development are tailor-made for students and their parents.

Parent Networks and Training

To promote parents' participation in community, parenting groups, seminars, interest classes, volunteer works and counseling service are provided to achieve the function of mutual care and support.

After School Care Service

To provide a safe and effective community supportive services for dual working parents and families in need to avoid children left unattended at home. The services including lunch serving, counseling, group activitie, tutorial and parental sharing, are under the supervision of professional social worker.

Multi-intelligence Learning Courses

To develop children's multi-intelligence with various interest development courses.

Play Counseling Service for Children

The centre is equipped with play therapy room. Our social workers are equipped to provide counseling and play sessions for children to handle their emotional and behavioural disturbance.

Services for the Youth

Youth Development and Leadership Training

To develop the self-discipline, sense of responsibility and the ability of solving problem of the youth through adventure based activities, outdoor activities, volunteer works and leadership training.

Counseling Services

Outreaching Counseling Services

To outreach the youngsters in the streets and their frequent places by professional social workers who provide them with counseling, group activities and community participation. Our service regions include Tong Mi Road, Sycamore Street, Olympian City One and Cherry Street, etc.

School Social Work

The unit is serving two stationing schools, namely Lung Kong World Federation School Limited Lau Wong Fat Secondary School and Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary School.

District Participation and Activities

Service for the Elderly

Inter-generation service for the Elderly

Our unit provides a space for both the aged and the youth to interact and facilitate community integration.

Community Services

Our centre actively participates in community services and closely liaises with Social Welfare Department, Home Affairs Department, Entertainment and Cultural Services Department, District Committee and other district organizations to hold different types of activities.

Specialized talks and response to the commuity

Our centre takes a proactive role in responding to the community, like mental heath problem of children, drug abuse issues of youth, gangsters and sub-culture related matters, etc, in the forms of  specialized talks/ workshops, survey and newsletters.

Crisis Management Counseling Support Service

Our centre has a team of professional social workers. Responding to crises in community and school, social workers will  tailor-made service to cater the needs of the community immediately.

Special Services

The social enterprise is sponsored by the HAD "Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme" to create job opportunities for the low income women and youth. The captioned project includes one dessert house with sales and domestic help service.

Youth Employment Service

To provide career counseling and pre-job training for the youth with a view of assisting them in choosing their career life and be a responsible citizen in the community. We provide Youth Pre-employment Training Programme, Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme and the short-term training posts offered by Labour Department.

Shooting Team

The shooting team is a self-service group. This is to train the youth with potential development, emotional control, discipline training and goal-setting through shooting competitons.

Volunteer Network

This unit has a volunteer network and provides scheduled training and volunteer services to different target groups with a view of encouraging volunteers to participate in more community services and promote integration in community.

Actualize Potentials through Arts

Our unit provides modernized facilites for youngsters to actualize their potentials and creativity through Arts.

Drop-in Service

This unit has different kinds of resources for the youth, like study room, computer room and drop-in areas. It provides a comfortable rest place for the youngsters, parents and elderly.