Yu Mak Yuen Integrated Services Centre (Fu Cheong Service Unit)

Categories and Membership Fee

Membership categories




Children Member

4-14 years old


$30 for two years

Youth Adult Member

Aged 15 or above


$30 for two years

Family Membership

4 years old or above

Families of immediate relatives up to four people

$60 for two years



Application Procedure

Membership Registration

  • To apply for membership, applications must fulfill the requirements (Please refer to the above Categories and Membership Fee);
  • Please fill in the relevant Application Form and present your Hong Kong ID Card for inspection;
  • Settle the payment of the Membership Fee;
  • A Membership Card will be issued to each qualified member.

Programme/Activities Registration

  • Applicants must fulfill the requirements of the particular programmes they wish to enroll in.
  • Applicants should submit the Application Form in person, with a valid Membership Card.
  • Official Receipt will be issued after successful enrollment.

Termination and Withdrawal of Service

Members not renewing membership are regarded as withdrawing after the expiry date.

1. The participant has the right to withdraw from the services at any time, but the payment will not be refunded;
2. Refund is only applied to the cancellation or amendment of activities by the Centre.