Child Development Resource Centre

Parents or care givers come to the Centre with their toddlers (age of 1 to 3) daily on weekdays to have lunch together and participate in a series of developmentally appropriate activities, until the child reaches three years old.

Comprehensive programs are designed to help parents understand and cater the needs of toddlers and build positive parent-child relationship. The programs emphasis on the following areas:

1) Self-care, including learning to drink, eat, clean their hands and mouth by themselves;
2) Promotion of stable day routine and regular parent-child interaction during meals and play;
3) Affordable nutritious lunch for promoting growth of oral muscles and healthy eating habits;
4) Diverse facilities for safe, self-initiated gross motor play;
5) Diverse learning corners for imaginative and social play;
6) Story times and choices of picture / story books;
7) Practical life-skills, e.g. in using different tools for daily functioning