Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Integrated Services Centre

Youth development on body, mind and spirit

Community-based service provided through the set up of a trans-disciplinary team. Case work approach is adopted to help the youth with mental health needs and their carers.

Parent-child Interaction Therapy Service

The treatment model, an evidence-based and effective practice, has been widely used in the United States to enhance parent-child relationship and parenting competency as well as to relieve parental stress.

Parent education and networking

Family support network and mutual support group will be created to fully utilize community resources so as to promote mutual support among parents. 

The little leader

To develop children's all-round ability, leadership and team spirit as well as communication skills through participation in games. Parent-child games are encouraged to foster parent-child relationship.

Youth performance and cultural development of the community

  • The Tin Shui Wai Cultural Square
  • Professional multi-media workshop (visual, audio and editing)
  • Hope Development Accounts Programme
  • The Bicycle team
  • Dining Culture
  • Community Research
  • Community-based out-reaching service
  • Specialized talks
  • Crisis Management Counseling Support Service