CEASE Crisis Centre - Multi-purpose Crisis Intervention and Support Centre

Tel: 18281
Fax: 2703 4111
Address: 6/F., Wong Fung Ling Memorial Building, 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Service Hours: 24 hours in service
Email: ceasecrisis@tungwah.org.hk
Service Type: Youth and Family Services - Family and Child Welfare Services
Serve District: All
Website: http://ceasecrisis.tungwahcsd.org


In response to the upsurge of sexual violence, elder abuse, domestic violence and family crises in our society, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals CEASE Crisis Centre, a multi-purpose crisis intervention and support centre, commenced services on 26 March 2007. It aims to serve victims of sexual violence and individuals / families encountering domestic violence (including battered men, women and elderly) or other family crises. Its comprehensive support services include 24-hour hotline service, immediate outreaching service, counselling, referral service and short-term accommodation, etc.


  • To help needy individuals and their families handle immediate crisis and disturbance for preventing deterioration of problems, and to link them to health care and / or social service units at an early outburst for providing effective and coordinated services.
  • To assist and accompany victims of sexual violence to obtain appropriate medical, legal and counseling services, to protect victims from repeating their unpleasant experiences to minimize re-traumatization, and to enhance victims' resilience.

Mission and Vision

The Chinese and English names of CEASE Crisis Centre represent the vision and service principles of the centre. The Chinese name of CEASE Crisis Centre "芷若" has the same pronunciation of the Chinese phrase “止虐”. By providing the services and community education, CEASE Crisis Centre aims to help all people in different socio-economical classes, professionals and sectors raise their understanding and concern on the issues of various types of violence and crisis as well as to encourage the needy individuals and families to seek help promptly. Our vision is to build a harmony society without any violence.

In fact, the Chinese words of "芷" and"若" are two Chinese herbs. Using this Chinese name illustrates CEASE Crisis Centre's mission to help our service users enhance their resilience and get speedy recovery from the crisis, just like having the illness cured by taking the Chinese herbs.

The English name of CEASE Crisis Centre literally means "cease crisis". In addition, each alphabet of the word "CEASE" connotes an important principle governing the service operation.

CCC 芷若園

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