Centre on Family Development

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant:Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Service

  • A project donated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
  • Stressful parents having children aged 2 to 7 with significant behavior problems. The project provides intensive parent training with the ultimate goal of preventing child physical abuse.
  • The treatment model, an evidence-based and effective practice, has been widely used in the United States to enhance parent-child relationship and parenting competency as well as to relieve parental stress.

Parent Education

  • To facilitate parents' understanding of their children's emotional and psychological needs at different developmental stages, to expand parenting capacity so as to help children build up positive attitudes and healthy lifestyle, to overcome the developmental crisis and to counter the undesirable social influence.
  • To provide parenting seminars, workshops and filial play groups.

Sex Education and Sex Therapy Services

  • To support parents in implementing sex education in families to build up proper sex attitude and values for the children.
  • To provide sex education for students in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.
  • To promote sexual health through improving couple communication and intimacy, and the provision of marital enrichment and pre-marital programmes.
  • To provide marital counseling and sex therapy for couples in need.

Family Mental Health Education

  • To promote family mental health and positive thinking, to encourage families to pursue personal growth and integration of body, mind and spirit.
  • To offer stress management programmes, physical and spiritual enhancement groups, interpersonal communication groups.

Individual and Family Counseling

  • To provide counseling for individuals and families with emotional problems, interpersonal and family relationships difficulties.
  • To provide Child-centered Play Therapy to children with emotional disturbance.

Professional Training

  • To provide child care workers, school teachers, child residential workers, or social workers with staff development programmes, professional training workshops or seminars.
  • To offer tailor-made professional trainings on various topics including Parent-child Interaction Therapy, sex education and counseling, prevention and treatment of addictive behavior and stress management etc.

Special Activities

Tung Wah Group of Hospital is the only agency providing PCIT service. Apart from PCIT counseling, the following training activities are held regularly/ jointly with other organizations:

  • Parent-child Interaction Therapy Workshop
  • Teacher-child Interaction Therapy Workshop