Yan Hei Small Group Home


  • Agency-based Enhancement of Professional Staff Support Services (ABPSS) have been funded by Social Welfare Department since February 2014. It strengthens the professional counseling support for children and youth in care of Residential Care Homes through early identification of their needs.


  • The services aims at providing additional social work and clinical psychological support services with regular follow-up, in order to better meet the cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs of children and youth in care of Residential Care Homes. Besides, trainings and consultations are provided to home/hostel staff and caregivers, so as to polish their professional knowledge and practice. Thus, the clients are facilitated to have a stronger emotional and behavioral management, better adaptation in Residential Care Homes as well as more effective social and communication skills with their peers and families.

Service Recipients

  • Children and youth with emotional and/or behavioral needs who live in Residential Care Homes, as well as their parents, caregivers and home staff


For the children and youth in need:
  • Referral to receive clinical/intellectual assessments, treatment and group activities from clinical psychologist;
  • Individual counseling and group activities from social worker;
  • Social and recreational activities.
For the home/hostel’s staff/carers:
  • Relevant professional trainings, consultations and activities.


  • Free of charge

How to apply or terminate

  • The applications can be made to the supervisor of the units, via the social worker (ABPSS), by the small group home / hostel caseworker, from the identification of service users in needs by caregivers, referral social worker or home/hostel staff. After the application, the child or guardian can initiate the withdrawal to the home/hostel caseworker, further discussion with the relevant parties, result and arrangement will then be notified respectively.


  • Should anyone have any enquiries, compliments, comments or complain about the service, feel free to contact the social worker of this service as follows:

    Residential Child Care Services, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
    G/F., Block B, 160 Kau Pui Lung Road, Lok Man Sun Chuen, Kowloon

    Tel: 2713 4833
    Fax: 2714 9933

    Service Enquiry Hotline
    Monday – Friday (except Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays)
    9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.