Life X(Endless Care Services)

Tel: 2657 7899
Fax: 2657 9300
Address: Room 319-321, 3/F, Kwun Tong Community Centre, 17 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, KLN
Facebook Page: Endless Care Services
District: All districts in Hong Kong


The Endless Care Services, launched in 2005, aimed to facilitate the elderly users to face their death positively, thus achieving a fulfilling end of life. In 2011, with the donation from Chun Tei Kok Buddhist Association Limited, Chun Tei Kok Buddhist Association Limited Centre of Life Enlightening was established to provide funeral care services, life and death education and counselling for the elderly users and members of the public.

To shatter the taboo about death in the community, Life X commenced its service in March 2014. It is aimed at facilitating members of the public to review and reflect on their lives so as to promote the message of "Cherish life and Positive living" through life-and-death education, training, workshops and experiential learning activities.


  • To provide life-and-death education for the public to arouse their awareness on life and death issues.
  • To deliver life-and-death activities for the public to promote the message of "Cherish Life and Positive Living".
  • To offer life-and-death training for the public to equip them with the knowledge about death including understanding the emotion of terminally-ill patients, funeral procedures and rituals as well as bereavement counselling etc.

Service Recipients

  • Schools, Corporate, Community Organization
  • Public Citizens

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