Centre on Family Development

Tel: 2267 6322
Fax: 2194 7311
Address: Unit 109-110, Kwai Yuen House, Chuk Yuen South Estate, Kowloon
Service Hours: (By appointment)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday:
9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday and Friday: 1:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Website: http://cfd.tungwahcsd.org
Email: cfd@tungwah.org.hk
Service Type: Youth and Family Services - Integrated Services for Family and Young People
District: Wong Tai Sin


The centre commenced operation on 1 April 2010. Being a non-government-funded, non-profit making social service unit, the centre is committed to rendering quality service to the needy families.

Our belief

  • Family is the basic unit of society.
  • It is an important base for one to grow and develop with proper moral standard and values.
  • It is a place for obtaining love and joy.
  • It is a place for getting support, nurturance and security when encountering frustration.
  • We believe that families have the resilience when facing challenges.
  • We believe that families have infinite potentials.

Service Objectives

  • To provide holistic family support and family-oriented services in order to promote family harmony and strengthen family cohesion.
  • To offer parenting education to enhance harmonious and intimate parent-child relationship.
  • To promote family growth, develop potentials of family and family members that enhance the overall quality of family life.


They include:

  • Parent-child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Playroom : simply furnished with plain wall decoration aim at enhancing children and parents' concentration during playtime.
  • Parent-child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Observation Room : with the set up of one-way mirror, the PCIT therapist can offer observation and live coaching on parenting skills of the service users. The room is also equipped with sound system and video equipment for video-recording the counseling process.
  • Child-centered Play Therapy room: with a variety of therapeutic toys to facilitate emotionally disturbed children to express inner feelings, to explore internal world, and to restructure their life experience.
  • Interview Room : with cosy furniture and comfortable atmosphere for conducting individual or family counseling.
  • Multi-purpose Function Room: equipped with projectors and audio-visual equipment for professional training, workshops and other small group activities.

Service Recipients

Individuals and families in need


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