Sky Blue Club Men Development Centre

Promoting physical, mental and spiritual health

  • Physical: health talk, body check, sport events and interest training activities
  • Mental: Mental Health and Stress Management Workshop, Life Skills Training and Mutual Support Group
  • Spiritual: Mindfulness activities and art events

Occupational support

  • Occupational skills training
  • Interpersonal relationship training
  • Employment information provision

Establishment of community mutual support network

  • Encouraging men to focus on community affairs and foster a sense of belonging to the community
  • Enhancing the skills of men to participate in volunteer work through volunteer training
  • Establishment of Volunteer Service Team to support needy community members such as elderly singletons, single-parent family and visually impaired persons, etc.

Enriching family relationships

  • Assisting men in understanding the elements of family and intimate relationships through groups, talks / workshops, outdoor family activities, etc.
  • Encouraging men to invite family members and spouses to participate activities for building family relationships

Parental education

  • Helping men to understand the responsibility and role of fatherhood through parenting groups and master the skills of nurturing children
  • Establishing mutual support networks to provide emotional support for divorced / widowed single parents