Hung Wong Kar Gee Nursery School

Nursery School

Provide care and education services to children aged 2 to 6, prepares children to enter primary one.

Integrated Services

Provide special training programmes for mildly disabled children aged 2 to 6, and enhance their normal participation in mainstream.

Occasional Child Care Service

Provide full-day, half-day or two-hour sessions for children whose care-givers are unable to take care of them occasionally.

Extended Hours Service

Provide longer hours of child care assistance for working parents.

Scope of Services

  • Whole language approach, project approach, thematic approach and shared book approach are adopted for teaching and learning.
  • Activities are multifaceted to foster development of children's social, intellectual, emotional, language, arts and creative and physical abilities.
  • Child care support provided to parents through parental talks, workshops and hotlines.