Lo Wong Pik Shan Nursery School


Accordance with the rate set by Education Bureau (meals inclusive).

Parent can apply "Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme" of Student Financial Assistance Agency under Education Bureau.

Families with children studying N2 to N4 can apply for Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme.

Occasional child care service: $16 per session (additional $6 for lunch)

Extended hours service: $10 per hour


  • Nursery School service: 102
  • Integrated Services: 6
  • Occasional Child Care Service: 6
  • Extended Hours Service: 14

How to Apply

Nursery School:

Application Form
- Information on Admission 

Children aged 12 months (according to birth certificate) are eligible to apply

Application Procedure:
1. In order to apply our Nursery School, please come together with your Child along with a completed
Application Form with photo attached.
2. Please bring along your child's original and a copy birth certificate
3. One stamped self-addressed envelopes are also required.

Integrated Programme

Disabled children aged 12 months to 6 years old, diagnosed as having special needs could be referred by social worker to SWD (CRS Rehab-PS) to waitlist for the services.